Wychwood Brewery Hobgoblin
: The Unofficial Beer of Halloween

Enter the realm of Wychwood Brewery's Hobgoblin Ruby Beer, a legendary ruby ale that's as rich in flavour as it is mischievous in character. This enchanting brew is perfect for those who dare to venture beyond the ordinary, so let's explore the distinctive taste, aroma, and food pairings of this iconic ale.

Upon pouring Hobgoblin Ruby Beer, you'll be mesmerised by its deep ruby red hue, a fitting tribute to the mystical world it hails from. The aroma is a tantalising blend of toffee, roasted malt, and a hint of chocolate, setting the stage for the delightful flavour journey that lies ahead.

With your first sip, you'll be treated to a symphony of caramel, toffee, and dark fruit flavours, expertly balanced by a moderate bitterness. The malt takes centre stage in this legendary ale, providing a smooth, satisfying finish that leaves you craving more.

At 4.5% ABV, Hobgoblin Ruby Beer is a brew that's both full-bodied and accessible, making it perfect for any occasion. Its complex flavour profile lends itself well to a variety of food pairings, including roasted meats, hearty stews, and mature cheeses.

In conclusion, Wychwood Brewery's Hobgoblin Ruby Beer is a brew that dares to be different, offering a unique taste experience that's both satisfying and full of character. For those who seek to explore the world of ruby ales, look no further than this legendary brew. Cheers!

Tasting notes


Ruby red


Toffee, roasted malt, chocolate


Caramel, toffee, dark fruit


Smooth, malty


Brewed by:

Wychwood Brewery


Ruby Ale







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