Wychwood Brewery Firecatcher : A Golden Ale with a Fiery Soul

When it comes to craft beers with a captivating backstory, few can hold a candle to Wychwood Brewery's Firecatcher. Hailing from the heart of the mystical Oxfordshire woodlands, Firecatcher is a golden ale that promises to ignite your senses and leave you yearning for more. Let's explore the secrets of this fiery brew, shall we?

Pouring a clear golden hue, Firecatcher sets the stage for a unique drinking experience. The aroma is subtle yet intriguing, with light malt notes mingling with hints of citrus and honey. It's a delicate scent that invites you to take a sip and discover what lies beneath.

Upon tasting, Firecatcher reveals a delicate maltiness that forms the backbone of the brew. This is complemented by gentle fruity notes, adding a touch of complexity to the flavour profile. But what truly sets Firecatcher apart is the subtle spiciness that emerges, lending the beer a fiery character that stays true to its name.

With a light, smooth, and slightly dry finish, Firecatcher leaves you refreshed and eager for the next sip. Boasting a modest ABV of 3.5%, this golden ale is perfect for a laid-back session or as a thirst-quencher on a warm day.

As for food pairings, Firecatcher's delicate flavours and mild spiciness work well with light salads, grilled chicken, or mild cheeses. The beer's refreshing character makes it an ideal companion for a variety of dishes, allowing you to experiment with different flavours and textures.

In conclusion, Wychwood Brewery's Firecatcher is a golden ale that offers a unique and captivating drinking experience. With its delicate maltiness, fruity notes, and subtle spiciness, this fiery brew is sure to spark your imagination and transport you to the enchanting world of the Wychwood forest. So, gather around the fire, and let Firecatcher's magic take you on an unforgettable journey. Cheers!

Tasting notes


Clear golden


Light malt, hints of citrus and honey


Delicate maltiness, fruity notes, subtle spiciness


Light, smooth, and slightly dry


Brewed by:

Wychwood Brewery


Golden Ale







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