Adnams Ghost Ship : A Hauntingly Good Brew

My dear fellow beer enthusiasts, prepare yourselves for a spine-tingling journey into the mysterious world of Adnams Ghost Ship. This spectral ale has captured the imagination of beer lovers everywhere, as it casts its haunting spell on the unsuspecting souls who dare to taste it. So, gather your wits and let's step bravely into the ghostly realm of Ghost Ship, shall we?

Adnams Brewery, the masterful creators of this supernatural brew, have been perfecting their craft in the quaint seaside town of Southwold since 1872. Inspired by their passion for exceptional ales and the finest local ingredients, they've summoned a range of brews that embody the enchanting spirit of the Suffolk coast. Ghost Ship, their most enigmatic potion, stands as an eerie testament to their brewing prowess.

As the veil between worlds lifts and Ghost Ship materialises before you, you'll be spellbound by its captivating golden hue, evocative of a full moon illuminating the darkened shoreline. The aroma, a bewitching concoction of citrus hops and subtle malt, hints at the ghostly secrets that lie beneath the surface.

As you take your first sip, brace yourself for the phantom flavours that are unleashed upon your taste buds. Ghost Ship's initial malt sweetness is masterfully balanced by an undercurrent of citrusy hop bitterness, culminating in a chillingly smooth finish. With an ABV of 4.5%, it's the kind of beer that invites you to enjoy a leisurely session, without fear of invoking a spectral mutiny.

The enigmatic charm of Ghost Ship lies in its ability to bewitch even the most discerning palate. This phantom brew pairs brilliantly with a variety of dishes, from fire-roasted meats to seafood fresh from the briny depths. Its supernatural allure transcends boundaries, making it equally at home in a bustling seaside tavern or a shadowy, candlelit hideaway deep within the heart of Suffolk.

In conclusion, Adnams Ghost Ship is an ale that defies the ordinary and delves into the world of the mysterious. It's a brew steeped in intrigue, enchantment, and an unwavering commitment to showcasing the enchanting spirit of the Suffolk coast. So, the next time you find yourself yearning for an otherworldly escape, heed the call of the Ghost Ship and dare to indulge in its haunting embrace. Cheers!


  • International Beer Challenge 2018 - Silver
  • World Beer Awards 2017 - UK's Best Pale Ale
  • SIBA National Independent Beer Awards 2016 - Gold

Tasting notes


Pale gold


Citrus, tropical fruit, floral hops


Grapefruit, orange, biscuity malt


Dry, hoppy bitterness


Brewed by:



Pale Ale


Citra, Chinook, Columbus


Pale Ale, Rye Crystal, Cara



First Brewed:








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